Distribution Assurance








Domestic Capabilities

EXTRANA CABLE works with more than 20 distributors and over 500 customers in Indonesia. With a plan to expand our brand presence amongst distributors in Indonesia, EXTRANA CABLE ensures quality assurance to all our customers.

Inventory Control

Our warehouses stock the goods you need when you need it and where you need them. With stringent inventory management systems in place, we ensure prevention of delays when you place your orders with us. Additionally, we understand the importance of minimizing inventory wastage so as to optimize inventory investment.

For more enquiries on how to place your orders with us, call us at +62 61 5550 861 or email us at and our friendly sales personnel will be happy to assist you.


With a strong network of logistical support from domestic freight carriers, we are ready to deliver not just your goods, but our promise to you. EXTRANA CABLE works to fulfill your needs when you have them.