Quality Assurance











Product Quality

At EXTRANA CABLE, quality assurance is held in high-esteemed. We value product quality because we value our customers. In order to enhance product quality, we have chosen to invest in premium raw materials, producing only the safest, most reliable cables for our distributors and customers.

System Quality

At the same time, we also understand that quality must be integrated throughout all processes so as to optimize value for our customers. At EXTRANA CABLE, we are committed to enhancing every aspect of our sales and production system so that we value-add to our customers. From customers’ orders, inspecting and purchasing of raw materials, manufacturing process, quality inspection, delivery and after-sales services,  we ensure we deliver our promise to you.

Working with tightly-controlled systems to track our production process, EXTRANA CABLE takes pride in strict quality control carried out by experts. In accordance to this practice, we are awarded with ISO 9001:2008 that is only given to organizations that implement the highest standards of quality and management systems.

The following are several quality standards which EXTRANA CABLE meets:

-         SNI (Indonesian Industrial Standard)

-         SPLN (Indonesian Power Company Standard

-         Other customers’ specifications